Q. What is the difference between a payday loan and an installment loan?

A. A payday loan or cash advance is a short-term loan where you pay a one-time fee based on the amount borrowed. An installment loan can give you more money at one time, and you can repay the money over a longer period of time. We practice Responsible Lending and look to the borrowers themselves for repayment on their loan. Atlas Credit is not a payday lender and we are regulated by the State of Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner.

Q. What is Responsible Lending?

A. We examine your financial stability and ability and willingness to repay the loan, which we attempt to assess using budgets and credit reports, among other items. Budgets in particular help us to ensure that the loan is affordable for you. Another consideration is our history with a borrower, many of whom are loyal, repeat customers who come back year after year. We look at each application independently and never use credit scores or scoring models to determine creditworthiness. We want our relationship with you to be a happy and trusting one, so we give you all the facts about your loan upfront and as clearly as possible. Learn more about Responsible Lending here. 

Q: How do I make a payment on my personal loan? 

A. We offer convenient ways for you to make payments on your personal loan. You can mail a check or money order to our office to make a payment, or you can make your payment over the phone by calling 903-258-9965 and entering your debit card information. 

Q: How much do you offer for personal loans? 

A. Our loan amounts vary per person, depending on how much you need. You can borrow as little as $100 or as much as $1,400 from Atlas Credit.

It is better to take out the minimum amount you require. We advise our customers to start small. Especially when you need a bad credit loan, you are better off taking out a small amount and paying it back quickly. Doing so will boost your credit score and show lenders they can trust you to repay your debts. 

If you aren't sure how much you need to borrow, we can help you with that, too. Come to one of our more than 40 locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma and sit down with someone on our team. They can answer your personal loan questions and help you determine which loan product is right for you. 

Q: How long does it take to get a personal loan?

A. You can walk into one of our locations in the morning and get your money by the afternoon. We offer a quick approval process because we know many people have pressing money needs that require cash right away. The faster you get your money, the faster you get on track for a better financial future. 

Filling out our online application takes just a few minutes. Once you have finished the form, we will get back to you quickly with a loan decision. We even offer eSign for documents so you can take care of the entire process online. We put the money right into your bank account, so there are no delays. You can access your loan money right away. If you have any questions as you fill out documents, you can contact us by phone (903-258-9965) or electronically (online@atlascredit.com) to get answers.

Q: What can I do with a personal loan? 

A. A personal loan can help change your circumstances for the better. Many people live paycheck to paycheck through no fault of their own. They have a steady job and work hard, but their expenses outpace their income. You may have debt you can't seem to get ahead of, no matter how steadily you make your monthly payments. This can lead to stress and frustration. 

Taking out a personal loan creates the wiggle room you need to live more comfortably. If you have been picking which utilities to pay each month or have fallen behind in your mortgage, you can make full payments to bring you current. You also could choose to put your loan money toward paying off your biggest debt. Wouldn't it feel great to get rid of your credit card bill, for instance? By paying it off, you not only eliminate a monthly headache, but also stop accruing interest on that debt. 

Many of our customers also use personal loans for something fun. You deserve something special. You take care of your family and put their needs first. Wouldn't it be wonderful to celebrate with them by taking a vacation or buying a new gaming system? You can use a personal loan to pay for anything you want, including something you can enjoy for a long time.

Some of our customers even use their personal loans to pay for holiday gifts months ahead of time, such as for Father's Day or Easter Day spending. Imagine how good it will feel to be done with shopping without putting things on layaway. 

Q: How long is the term for a personal loan? 

A: We offer personal loan terms of 5 to 12 months. Each month, you receive a statement that details how much you owe that month, the total amount left to repay on your loan and the due date for your next installment. All the terms and fees for your contract remain fixed. We won't change your interest rate midway through the loan or engage in other shady practices. What you see is what you get with our loan agreements. 

Q: Does Atlas Credit have bilingual staff to help with Installment Loans?

A. Our goal is to make your experience at our offices as easy as possible for all of our customers. This is why most Atlas Credit locations have bilingual staff members ready to help Spanish-speaking customers. Click here to contact the location nearest you to verify that a bilingual staff member is available to help you. Call us today to discover the Atlas Credit Difference!

Nuestra meta es agilizar el proceso para obtener un préstamo lo más fácil para nuestros clientes.

Por eso es que la mayorí­a de las ubicaciones de Atlas Credit tienen personal bilingüe listos para ayudar a nuestros clientes que hablan español. Haga clic aquí­ para contactar a la ubicación cercas de usted y verificar que haya un agente bilingüe disponible para asistirlo. Llámenos hoy para descubrir la Diferencia Atlas Credit.

Q: Can I get a personal loan with bad credit?

A. When you work with us, our goal is to help you get the assistance you need, whatever your background. We'll look at factors such as your borrowing history with us, your budget, and your ability to pay off the loan. Because we don't use your credit history to evaluate your loan eligibility, we're happy to discuss your options and consider other factors besides your credit history.

Q: Can I build credit by taking out a personal loan?

A. Getting a personal loan with good terms can help you build credit in several different ways. It enables you to develop your payment history, showing a track record of responsibility when you reliably make your payment. It can also lengthen your credit history or provide a better mix of credit types to help you build your score. If you're using your loan to pay off other debt and bills, you can help improve your credit with demonstrated financial management skills.

Our team is ready to assist you in any way we can. Feel free to talk with us about your specific situation, and we'll help you evaluate if this option is the best one for you.

Q: Where can I get a personal loan?

A. You can get a personal loan through a trusted lender like Atlas Credit. We're here to come alongside you and provide the finances you need to handle living expenses and get on top of your finances. Our loan application process is fast and secure, and you can complete our application online or over the phone with one of our representatives. To be considered, you'll need to meet a few basic requirements for citizenship, minimum income, and financial condition.

Once we've evaluated your requirements, we can work with you to help you get a loan.

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