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Do you need a personal loan? We provide a simple and easy online loan process for those who are not near one of our brick-and-mortar locations, get an online loan!

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The Basics of Our Online Loan - How It Works

We're making life easier for our customers! Now you don't need to live near one of our stores to get a loan from Atlas Credit.

Safe. Secure. And Fast!

    Take just a few minutes to fill out our secure online application.
    If you submit an application online, a customer service representative will call to verify your information.
    If approved, you can eSign your loan documents to make the process even faster! Now the part you've been waiting for! Atlas Credit deposits money into your bank account!

More Details of Our Online Loan

What Are the Basic Requirements For An Atlas Credit Loan?

How Do I Apply For An Online Loan?

Applying for an online loan with Atlas Credit is easy. Just complete our simple online application to find out if you qualify.

What Can I Expect During The Loan Verification Process?

Once you've submitted your loan application, we will need to speak with you to verify your application details. We may also require additional third-party verification from your bank, employment, or other income details before approval.

What is The Loan Closing & Funding Process?

If you are approved for a loan, you'll be asked to electronically review and sign a loan agreement that details the terms of the loan for which you have applied, including all fees and interest chargeable to you under the agreement.
During this process, you can connect with our highly trained team via email ( with any questions.

Once you've electronically reviewed and signed the loan agreement, your loan proceeds may be deposited into your bank account as early as the next business day*.

* The date and time that funds are deposited in your bank account are subject to the time of your financial institution.

What is The Loan Repayment Process?

As an Atlas Credit customer, we offer easy options to make your monthly loan payment. You can make your payment over the phone (903-258-9965) using your debit card or you can mail a check/money order to our office.

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