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Person struggles week to week, living off of their paycheck, surrounded by small bills only

Many people find themselves living paycheck to paycheck for a wide variety of reasons. You may have slipped into a downward financial spiral as a result of events outside your control. Or, perhaps you owe your current circumstances to choices you made in the past.

No matter the cause of your paycheck to paycheck situation, you should know the ways people all over Texas pull themselves out of it.

So if you live in Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, or even Palestine, TX, these tips can work wonders for your finances.

  • Set concrete goals for yourself. Not only will you feel more motivated each week when you know you have something to work toward, you'll have a far clearer picture in your head of how to accomplish it.
  • Find ways to make more money. Whether this means applying for a second job, finding a better job, or asking your boss for a promotion, it's up to you to put yourself into a better pay bracket. You can also sell your possessions and put the money back in case of emergencies.
  • Keep track of all expenses. A lot of people fall into a paycheck to paycheck living thanks to their unnecessary spending. If you don't pay close attention to everything you spend money on each week, certain expenses might pile up quicker than you might believe.
  • Create an automatic savings account. Many Americans who don't have savings accounts very well could have a huge sum of money set aside, if only they had made a savings in the first place. But instead of placing the money in a box under your bed, set up an automatic deposit of a small amount of money (as low as $5 a week!) from your bank account that you'll find in savings later on down the road.
  • Cut back on credit cards altogether. One of the biggest contributing factors to a near-poverty lifestyle is the choice to overuse credit cards. If you're heavily indebted to a credit card company, even if you earn a healthy salary, you'll still feel like you're broke. The best way to escape the cycle is to stop using credit cards -- period.

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