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A family spends quality time together

Want More Family Time? Try These 5 Time-Maximizing Tips!

You know how important it is to take care of your family financially. That's probably the reason why you work so hard day-in and day-out -- to make sure they're always safe and sound.

But you probably get tired of spending all that time away from them, don't you? You want to be able to see with your own eyes what you have done to create a secure and happy life for your family.

How to Spend More Quality Time With the Family

People across Oklahoma and Texas are seeking ways to spend more time with family. If that's the case with you, we've written this blog post to help you seriously grow the amount of time you spend with your family and to increase the quality of that time overall. Here are seven time-maximizing tips you can start using right away!

1. Fix Your Budget

Since a huge amount of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, it can be hard for some of us to truly spend quality time with family. Especially if your time home from work is just the period before you leave for your second job.

That's why it's critical for everyone to organize their budget so they can start saving. Once you know some of your money is stored away for a big payoff in the future, you can focus on what really matters.

2. Spend on Home Activities

Sometimes, when you have money to burn, you might want to take your whole family out for a night on the town. Big dinners and activities can be tons of fun, but they also might cost you tons of money.

Whenever possible, spend that extra money on games and activities that will enrich your home life. Buying outdoor sports equipment for those days in the sun, board games for those weekly nights at home or even multiplayer video games that everyone can enjoy can increase your family bonding experiences and create fun memories.

3. Organize Your Hours

When you work all day, you might not think it possible to squeeze in family time. But if you figure out ways to structure your work schedule more carefully, you just might open up more time than you could have imagined.

What many workers do is front-load all their hours at the beginning of the week. Instead of working eight hours a day Monday through Friday, they work 10 hours Monday through Thursday, freeing up a third day each week and creating a longer weekend to spend time with family. Or, simply find ways to come in early or go in late, depending on the flexibility of your employer.

4. Make Vacations Count

The key to making the most of your vacations is to both have as many days as possible by storing them up carefully, and to take advantage of every hour spent away with work. Spend that time with your spouse and your children, make memories, and maybe even create annual family outings that everyone will enjoy.

And remember, you don't have to go on a cruise around the world just to have quality family time. Instead, find a place nearby that could offer fun experiences, and book your stay there instead. You'll save loads of time on travel, and even more money.

5. Involve Your Family as Often as Possible

Life might be hectic, but if you always take the time to find ways to involve your spouse and your children in your activities, you'll reap the personal rewards for years to come.

Depending on the personal preferences of family members, there may be all kinds of ways for you to involve them at different levels. If you tend to handle housework by yourself, make a game of it and pair up with your kids to tackle the task. If you have some complicated work or money issues to handle at home, involve your spouse. Any way you can think to spend more time with your family, no matter the reason, can benefit your household as a whole.

6. Make Family Meals a High Priority

These days, family members are involved in numerous activities outside the home, which can make staying in touch with each other a challenge. Finding times where everybody can sit down and enjoy a meal together and engage in pleasant conversation keeps the lines of communication open and promotes bonding. It's also an excellent way for parents to keep up with what's happening in their children's busy lives. Having everyone help with the cooking and preparation will enhance the experience.

7. Turn off the Phones Whenever You're Together

Even when the gang's all there, everyone may be too absorbed in their phones to speak to each other. Spending quality time with the family may require having everyone turn off their phones so that you can make the most of your limited time together. This means no texting, playing games or checking emails.

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  • Encouraging them to make the most of their lives
  • Instilling family values, and the value of family

These benefits are genuinely priceless. However, achieving them can be pretty financially difficult for many hardworking Americans. That's why we do what we do -- we want every family to feel the financial stability necessary to be truly happy spending time with one another.

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