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Young couple looks at new ways of ensuring their small business survives financial issues

1. Focus on Delivering

Small businesses often stay small because of miniscule customer bases and niche markets. When you cease to deliver the products your customers expect from you, or you fail to broaden your potential customer base over time, you may see serious stagnation in your business.

The most important thing for any business (large or small) to focus on during times of change, stress, or even prosperity is keeping what they are selling selling. In other words, never let the pressure of the times stop you from making sure your customers get the products or services you offer as soon as they need them.

2. Get Online ASAP

Whether you are a plumber, a baker, or make your own vape juice in your garage, you must have an online presence. Whether that means a website, social media profiles on all the major platforms, or a combination of each, your potential customers have to be able to find you in an online search.

Even if you have no clue how the web works or what to post to your social media accounts, it is critical you find someone who does. Many companies offer social media management for a small amount of money each month that can turn into huge sales for your company.

And remember: when people visit your site or profile, be sure to have a way for them to either order your products (through an e-commerce store) or sign up for your services.

3. Make Sure You Have Access to Cash

When your business is just starting out, you may need funds to get through each month. Many businesses take as long as 6 months or even a year to get in the black financially, so don't feel bad if things are going a bit slow to start.

Or if your business has been active for decades but has hit a slow spot (seasonal businesses especially suffer during predictably dreary sales periods), you can still benefit from ensuring you have access to proper funds.

Through online personal loans from lenders like Atlas Credit, you can find the quick and easy money you need to cover utility bills and inventory and pay it back based on your preferred schedule.

4. Never Slack on Quality

What your customers want from you most, and what will spread word about your business better than any advertising campaign, is a commitment to quality. If you fail to consistently deliver the same (or higher) quality products and services, your business is as good as dead.

See your competitors offering lackluster services or poorly produced products? Dedicate your time and energy to doing better. Keep only the best people on staff, and opt for the higher quality materials for every product you offer. Your workmanship and craftsmanship alike are critical for keeping your business respected and your customers coming back for more.

5. Be Careful About Business Credit Cards

One trap many businesses fall into is the business credit card. While it's definitely true that a business credit card can help you out of a tight situation in a given moment, the debt you can rack up as a result of regular use can quickly turn a profitable business into a money sink.

Our advice: if you have a business credit card, use it only for the biggest emergencies imaginable. For all other expenses, try small business loans, personal loans, or pulling from your own funds as a business owner. Pay down your credit card debt ASAP and focus on making enough profit this year to never worry about the necessity of debt again.

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