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Bad Credit Loans

Every now and then, we all find ourselves needing a little bit of extra cash to get by. 

A lot of people like to go the credit card route -- but for others, credit cards simply are not an option because of their poor credit score.

If you're worried about your credit score, but you need cash today, here's how a personal loan might just be your best option!

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Helping Your Bad Credit

Personal loans can be used to build your credit score back up to a respectable number. Or if you have no credit history at all, these loans can get you on your way to great credit.

Since these loans require multiple payments over time, they can help you create a history of repayment -- especially if you keep a timely repayment record!

How it Works

Let's say you want to borrow a quick $1,000 for emergency home repairs.

If you take out a loan that requires you to pay the amount back in 12 months, you would get an immediate check for $1,000 and then pay regular payments every month for the duration.

This sort of loan is quick and easy and stops you from having to deal with the complications that come with loans from a bank or other lender that might investigate your credit.

Atlas Credit Can Help

Atlas Credit has locations in North, South, and East Texas that can provide you with personal loans up to $1,300. You only need to prove to us that you're employed and can pay the loan back!

We don't require you to have a checking account, and we'll never charge any hidden fees.

If this sounds like the right choice for you, apply for one of our personal loans online or find an Atlas Credit location today!

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