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Woman realizes she doesn't have the money she needs to live the life she wants

How can I save money with a low income? We hear this question from our customers all the time. The good news is, it is possible. When you dedicate yourself to learning financial literacy for low-income families, you can get ahead and even put money away for the future. Use these budgeting tips for low-income families to help.

Look for Employment With Incentives

Even if you know you're going to end up with a low-paying job, realize you still have options. Unless you find yourself looking for literally any job that comes around, you can use a discerning eye to find employment that provides you with some extra reward.

For instance, when you work in the food service industry, employers often provide employees with free meals and the ability to take home extras at the end of a shift. That may mean smaller grocery bills — something especially helpful for single individuals.

And if at all possible, find a job at an employer you already do business with. For instance, if you work for a cell service provider like Verizon or Sprint, you may pay a significantly reduced bill each month as a perk of your employment.

Reduce Your Biggest Monthly Expenses

Rent, food, car payment — these are most Americans' largest monthly expenses. One of the best ways to better manage your own finances as a low-income earner is to reduce the rates you have to pay for this category each month.

This is one of the major areas in life where you do have control.

First, you don't need a spacious apartment or to buy your own home just yet. Find a cheaper option in a safe neighborhood and recognize that in time you will upgrade to a better spot. Second, cut down on food bills by purchasing only the necessities — and making sure you stick to generic products and fresh fruits and vegetables that you can prepare yourself. Third, you do not need a "nice" car. All you need is a vehicle that safely gets you from point A to point B. Save the hot rod for your mid-life crisis.

Be Honest With Yourself and Others

Very few people start at the top. Because of this, most people understand what it means to start at the bottom of the totem pole.

That means you don't have to put on a facade of wealth. When someone asks you if you want to take part in a weekend activity that you can't afford, take your entire monthly budget into account. If you can't afford it, tell them so. People will understand.

The hardest part is admitting to yourself that you have a lot of work ahead of you. But once you are honest with yourself and know what it will take to achieve the financial success you deserve, the next step is to get to work and make it happen.

Save Even When It's Hard

Poverty finance is challenging. Many people with low incomes think financial planning for the future is impossible. It's difficult, but it is possible. You can find money to put away each month, even if it's not much.

When it comes to savings, every little bit counts. If you can save just $20 per month, in a year you'll have $240 more than you did the previous year. And when you stick that money in a high-growth account, your savings will work for you and expand.

Find ways to save money on bills and personal expenses so you can pass that on to your savings. If you subscribe to cable, consider cutting the cord and instead rely on free, over-the-air television and YouTube videos for entertainment instead. You can cut at least $100 off your monthly bills this way.

You can also reduce your utility bills by being careful with your water and energy usage. A few tips:

  • Unplug your devices when you aren't using them
  • Invest in a smart thermostat that can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs
  • Limit your time in the shower
  • Only run the dishwasher when it's full

Consider Personal Loans for Unexpected Expenses

It's never fun to run into a sudden financial emergency. In the past on the Atlas Credit blog, we've discussed proper budgeting and emergency funds to ensure you can get through these periods unscathed.

Apply For a Personal Loan Online

But if you know you won't be able to fit the expense into your budget, no matter what it may be, you should consider a personal loan from a reputable lender like Atlas Credit. We can provide you with a quick and easy personal loan that you can apply for online or in-store at locations in Texas and Oklahoma.

And once you start the repayment process, you may even see your credit score grow as a result. That means you're strengthening your chances of qualifying for bigger and better financial opportunities later on down the road. Navigating the financial world as a low-income earner can be difficult, but we can help. Contact Atlas Credit or apply for your next personal loan online today!

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