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Mother's Day gifts and treats for mom on a budget

Here's something that every human being has in common:

We all have a mother!

That's what makes Mother's Day so special, and why it must be celebrated the right way every year. But if you're on a budget, you may not have the funds to go big the way you'd like to this time around.

Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive Mother's Day ideas. Here are eight ways you can show your mother how much you love and appreciate her without breaking the bank!

1. Give Mom a Gift Card to Her Favorite Store

Great cheap Mother's Day gifts should be something your mother will use. If you aren't sure exactly what your mom wants or needs, you might be more inclined to go overboard on spending just to cover your bases. You'll think a big, expensive gift (even one she doesn't need) might go over well simply because you spent so much on it.

Instead, peek around her home and look for a theme. Ask your siblings, your dad, or even her (if you're tactful or brave enough) about her favorite places to shop. Then, buy a gift card from one of those stores that's within your budget to spend. She'll be able to pick out a gift for herself with the card, and she'll always remember it came from you.

2. Find Deals on Gifts Online

Places like Amazon and eBay can be goldmines for Mother's Day gifts, but those aren't the only spots to find great cheap Mother's Day ideas and deals online. Websites like Etsy have handcrafted items that might go over really well with Mom, and marketplaces like Craigslist are positively packed with a huge range of items all at yard sale prices.

Just remember, your mom probably doesn't need any more junk or trinkets. Limit your search and eventual purchases to something she'll find useful, or one that she'll treasure.

3. Take Mom to the Movies

While it's true that the movie theater costs more than ever, it's still a whole lot cheaper than other Mother's Day gift options. And if you're in Longview, Fort Worth, Waco, or Austin, Texas, the movie theater may be the perfect spot to take mom for a night on the town!

And remember: it's probably been a while since your mother went out and saw a new release -- so let her pick the movie!

4. Sign Her up for a Subscription Service

While subscription services like Netflix are all the rage, there are also plenty of lesser-known services that offer other products. You can have food, wine, perfumes, feminine products, vitamins, puzzles, games, lotions -- virtually anything your mom might like delivered straight to her doorstep.

While these services may get expensive when you add their costs up over time, the first months are often free and should be a small amount compared to the big gesture of signing her up for one.

5. Make Her Something

You don't have to be 5 years old to create something your mom will adore. One of the smartest ways to celebrate mother's day on a budget is to give mom a present right from the heart. Creating shows your mother you care enough to spend time on her. You can also personalize your gift so that it's clear it was intended just for her. Some examples of great homemade gifts include: 

  • Pottery you can paint at a shop
  • Clipping out a month's worth of coupons for mom if she's a big couponer
  • Making a handmade card that tells her how much you love her

The list of possibilities for inexpensive homemade Mother's Day gifts is almost endless when you use your imagination. 

6. Cook Mother's Day Brunch at Home

One of our favorite cheap things to do for Mother's Day is to fix mom brunch. Forget going out. It's always crowded and overpriced at restaurants on Mother's Day. Instead, prepare mom's favorite dishes at home, making this Mother's Day on a budget extra special. 

7. Offer Her the Best Gift of All: Time

One of the best free things to do on Mother's Day is simply to spend time with your mom. When was the last time you sat together to catch up? Your mother will value learning what's going on in your life and hearing about your day more than anything you could buy her. Taking the time and effort to talk is one of the kindest things to do for Mother's Day, no matter how old you are.

8. Avoid Mother's Day Trickery

Many stores, restaurants, and events have "Mother's Day Specials" this time of the year, but you should be wary about buying anything before comparing prices.

Sometimes, the pricing on these options is actually higher than normal, simply because people can be easily fooled when thinking about gifts and special treats for Mom. In other words, be absolutely certain there aren't better options before you go the more conventional route for Mother's Day planning.

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