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Easy Ways To Save Money Without Even Thinking About It | Atlas Credit Co

Saving money can seem like a challenging feat, especially when it feels like prices for everyday necessities are constantly on the rise. Despite the increasing cost of living, there are... More

Here's How to Boost Your Tax Refund Potential | Atlas Credit

It's tax season once again! If you've been a long time reader of the Atlas Credit blog, you're hopefully already set for a fantastic financial gain in 2020.Still, you never know... More

5 Best Ways to Save Money at the Gas Pump | Atlas Credit Co

The Texas heat is already here and with it comes higher gas prices. Check out these nine simple tips for saving money this year on gasoline!1. Find Fuel Rewards ProgramsOne of the... More

Should You Give Your Kids an Allowance? | The Pros and Cons

Are your children old enough to ask for (or demand) an allowance?Many parents struggle with the concept of giving a weekly salary to their kids. After all, you are the... More

10 Common Unexpected Expenses and How to Budget for Them

Even the most carefully crafted budget can sometimes fail to cover those pesky unwanted and unexpected expenses. No matter what you do, life will find a way to hurl a... More

Have Bad Credit? Here's Tips to Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

When you have bad credit, it sometimes feels like you're caught under the snow after an avalanche. No matter how hard you struggle to reach the surface, you rarely find... More

Student Loans? Here are 8 Tips for Paying them Off ASAP

Are you sick of seeing that massive debt number when you check your student loan account? When you brave clicking through your credit report online, do you cringe at the... More

Our Number One Spring Strategy for Money Management Mastery!

We here at the Atlas Credit blog love to frequently recommend our readers follow many of the following tips for managing your money:Create a BudgetTake Control of Your FinancesConsolidate Your... More

Can a Personal Loan Help Fund Your Dream Wedding? | FAQs

Getting engaged is one of the most special moments of your lifetime. But after the excitement of the engagement, you face a big question — how to finance a wedding. Weddings... More

5 Tips to Keep Your Small Business Afloat | Atlas Credit

Business money management can be the most important factor in a thriving small business. When you understand the best ways to use and protect your money, you can succeed. We... More

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