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There are three possible reasons you're reading this right now:

  • You can't get enough of reading the Atlas Credit blog for our expert financial advice.
  • You're expecting a dire situation in the near future, so you've come for tips to prepare for it as best as possible.
  • You are currently in the middle of a financial emergency and you need solutions now.

Which one of those are you? If you're number 1, we love it when you read our blog! But if you're number 2 or 3, it's time to get serious. Here are some great ways you can get through your financial hardship.

Dig Into Your Savings

If you've read any of the advice we've given in earlier blogs, you'll know how much we encourage you to take advantage of keeping a careful budget. Doing so allows you to open up a small amount of cash each week to place into savings that can then be used to alleviate any financial woes you might suffer in the future.

This money is perfect for solving a minor financial crisis. Just having an emergency fund set aside offers incredible peace of mind, regardless of your income level.

But you should remember one thing: if you dig into your emergency fund to save yourself during a time of need, be sure to start adding money back into it ASAP.

Reimagine Your Budget

As an avid Atlas Credit blog reader, you know you should keep a budget. Revisiting your budget to tighten it up and reduce unnecessary costs can free up the money you need for overcoming financial hardship. Think about places where you can decrease or eliminate your expenses, such as: 

  • Streaming services: Limit yourself to one instead of subscribing to multiple services.
  • Dining out: Stop going to restaurants for the next few months.
  • Entertainment: Skip a trip to the movies or a concert, and stay in with your family to play a board game instead.
  • Cable bills: Cancel your cable service or move to a less-expensive package.
  • Groceries: Switch to generic brands instead of buying name-brand products.

If you make just a few changes, you can save hundreds each month, getting you through your financial emergency. 

Make Some Extra Money

You may already have a job, but you can always pick up a side gig to increase your income. Everything you make, you can put toward your financial crisis help. If you aren't sure where to begin, think about your hobbies and what you like to do during your downtime. Can you monetize any of them? 

For example, if you enjoy working out, you could make extra money as an aerobics instructor or personal trainer. Someone who loves to sew could sell the pants or blouses they make. A gifted baker can market their cakes and pies. 

Many side hustles don't require experience. If you have a driver's license, you might be able to drive for a rideshare service. Even if you have never had a pet, you can become a dog walker. You could also try earning passive income by renting out the extra room in your home. 

Negotiate With Your Lenders

If you're wondering how to survive a financial emergency caused by debt to just one or two lenders, you could solve your hardship by appealing to their humanity. Many people become overwhelmed by a medical or credit card debt through no fault of their own. Perhaps you lost your job or were in an accident. 

Go directly to your lender and explain your situation. Ask them to work with you on finding a solution that benefits both of you. If you can pay off your debt over a more extended period with a lower interest rate, both sides win. This strategy works best if you talk to your lender before you get behind in your bills.

Reach Out to Friends and Family

No one likes the idea of having to call someone they know to ask for money. But everyone understands what it's like to go through a difficult period that can only be solved with a little money.

That's why there's a good chance your family and friends will be willing to help you out, if only just a little. They might not be able to completely help you with your problem, but what they contribute might go far toward fixing it.

Just remember how important it is to pay them back. Ask them upfront when they'd like the money back, and work hard toward repaying them for their generosity.

Consider Using Credit

In the past, we've discussed the value of having a credit card to handle small expenses — as long as you pay them back quickly. No one likes going deeper into debt, especially as the result of surviving a financial crisis.

So, if you have a credit card with a spending limit that would allow you to handle your emergency promptly, go for it. But whatever you do, don't put yourself into an even worse situation by overspending on your credit card and racking up a bunch of expensive fees.

For a great comparison between credit cards and personal loans, check out our recent blog post on the topic!

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Here's where our specialty truly lies. Personal loans are one of the best tools in your financial arsenal for tackling a sudden, unexpected problem.

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