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Figuring out wise choices for spending tax refund

Every year, millions of Americans receive a surprise financial boost from the government in the form of a tax refund. While it might be tempting for you to head out to Dallas, TX and spend that whole check on a fun weekend, you should consider what the money could do for your future finances. 

After all, if that check is sizeable enough to make an impact on your bank account, it could actually be life-changing. In the best way possible! 

Here's how you can spend this year's tax refund wisely: 

Separate the Funds 

If you keep your tax refund mixed in with your normal bank account, it will probably get spent like the rest of your money.  Instead, create a separate bank account or a savings account and place it there. That way, you can more easily create a budget for the refund.

Pay Off Debt

Inspect your overall finances. Do you have any pressing debts? What about a payday loan or personal loan on a repayment plan? Make sure to split up some of the money from your refund and dedicate it to paying off these debts.

Make Smart Purchases

Instead of blowing the rest of the money on frivolous items and entertainment, think about the future. Could you use better insulation in your house for the summer heat? Could you put a down payment on a new car? Always choose your expenditures wisely.

Once you've made these smart choices with your refund and you know you're set for the near future, spend the rest on yourself. You've earned it!

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