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Happy couple puts money in their savings

Everyone likes the idea of having extra money stored away in case of emergency, or just for fun. Knowing that money is available at any time can both relieve stress and give you something to look forward to.

But if you don't have any money stashed away in savings yet, you might wonder what could be the easiest way to get started saving today. In this week's Atlas Credit blog, let's discuss how you can transform your financial outlook with a fresh start in savings.

Set Your Goal

Your first challenge is setting your individual savings goal. Are you hoping to put aside $100 or $1000? Even more?

The key here is to assess your own financial status. If you know you have extra money each month that hangs around in your bank account until you spend it on something frivolous, that money can go directly to savings. If your money seems to vanish entirely before each paycheck hits the bank, you can still figure out ways to save.

Where to Cut Spending


How much money are you spending on groceries each month? Next, how much money do you spend dining out at restaurants, fast food joints, bars, or even getting snacks at a convenience store?

All of this adds up considerably at the end of each month and is undeniably an area that can be reshaped to increase savings. By simply packing your own lunches and preparing tasty, filling snacks ahead of time that you acquire from your grocery store, you'll seriously cut down on your food expenses each month.

Cell Phones

When you signed up for your cell phone plan, did you go with the largest data package available? Did you get the top of the line smartphone on the market? You might be surprised to realize that neither of those choices are necessary to still be completely connected to your friends and family and the Internet at large.

Speak with your mobile provider about reducing your data plan. If you don't use up every megabyte of data each month, it won't hurt to give yourself a smaller data limit. And if you ever need a new phone, finding a model from previous years won't affect you too terribly. Many experts agree that the newest smartphones are simply minor re-skins of phones from last year.


Whether you need an energy drink every morning to get going, smoke cigarettes, or can't stop making in-app purchases on your favorite mobile game, cutting back on these extraneous areas will be sure to put extra money in your wallet each month.

Build Your Savings

While it's true that none of these methods are certain to fix your finances completely and fill your savings account with cash, rethinking your monthly spending in the next 30 days is a sure way to get things started. By the end of next month, you should be able to take that extra money and put it aside to build yourself a buffer or an emergency fund that can be used exactly as you see fit.

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