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Fall leaves surround a solitary dollar sign, emblematic of the desires of the proletariat

You've heard of Spring cleaning, but now it's time for the fight for a firmer Fall financial foundation!

All alliteration aside, it's extremely important to make sure your finances are secure and improving throughout the year.

So now that the weather's finally getting cooler, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, sit back, and read our guide to never-fail fall finances!

Restructure Your Situation

With the changing of the leaves often comes the changing of lives. Did you get married this summer? Have you moved, changed jobs, or had another major life change?

If so, it's wise to make sure your financial planning reflects those changes. Determine the best spots in your area to buy groceries and gas. Find out if there are cheaper utility options nearby than the ones you already use. Talk about money with your spouse, merge your bank accounts, and work out a retirement plan with your new boss.

All of these changes can make sure you save money and build a better financial life in the future.

Plan Ahead for the Holidays

In the past, we've recommended buying gifts ahead of time. Way ahead of time.

That advice still remains a solid and safe way to plan for your near future. You know you'll have to buy gifts, so don't wait until the last moment.

So if you haven't bought all the gifts you'll need for this year's holidays, now's the time. If you buy them in the fall, you'll surely save a few bucks and give yourself the peace of mind of knowing there won't be any huge rush come winter. At the very least, start a small fund to help you afford those great Black Friday deals.

Make a Donation

Charitable donations can be an incredible way to both help out people in times of need and alleviate your tax burden. How, you ask?

Because charitable donations are tax-deductible. And right now, there are plenty of areas in the United States -- including right here in Texas -- where people need your help.

The major damage thanks to this year's hurricane season will require extensive repairs, so every dollar counts. If you make a donation, you can make a difference this year and save money on your taxes next year.

Gear Up for the Cold

If you have a load of summer clothing and other items you won't be using any longer, donate them, store them, or sell them.

And if you have any vehicles you know you won't need anytime soon -- boats, motorcycles, etc. -- make sure they're safe and sound.

Then, with your extra space and possibly extra dough, stock up on what you'll need to survive the cooler temperatures. These include sweaters, rakes, shovels, plenty of firewood, and whatever else you can think of. This way, you won't feel the financial freeze of poor fall planning.


At the end of the day (and the beginning of the season), the smartest way to live your life is to always come prepared. No matter your situation, if you set aside the time to figure out your options for facing the future, you'll never fear failure this fall.

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