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Woman achieves peace of mind through better budgeting

One of the best feelings in the world is spending money on necessities without worrying about your bank account afterward. Of course, few of us experience this luxury very often in our lives.

However, there are ways you can achieve this on a smaller, more consistent scale, no matter your income.


By building a buffer!

What You Need to Know First

Nobody likes unexpected expenses, but they're an incredibly common part of life. So the first step toward planning for any eventuality is to know the amount of money you'll need to pay for:

  • Both your home and car insurance deductibles.
  • Your out-of-pocket maximum for health care deductibles.
  • Any sudden failures/repairs of major appliances.
  • One month's worth of food costs for your family.
  • Your average total utility bill for each season.
  • Whatever regular needs that are particular to your family.

By knowing what all of these costs, you can add them up and determine a near-exact amount of money to strive for when it comes to savings. Sure, it may take awhile to get to that number, but once you're there, the peace of mind will be mind-blowing.

How It Helps

First of all, having any money set aside in savings is the usual result of excellent budgeting. But once that money is set aside, the budgeting process itself gets much easier.

Here's why:

  • Instead of stressing over that small number of savings slowly increasing, you'll know you have enough money finally set aside to get you through the most common financial emergencies.
  • Your actual budget plan can become more streamlined and focused on paying off your monthly expenses.
  • The "extras" portion of your budget reserved for entertainment, dining out, and other family fun can increase over time.
  • You'll be able to plan ahead for your next major financial goal without the added worry of what you'll do in an emergency.


As you can see, building a buffer can truly benefit your bank balance, and better your budgeting. It may take time and commitment, but once you accomplish it, you can take full control of your finances.

And as always, remember the other lifelines available to you. A personal loan from Atlas Credit is a quick and easy way to either build your buffer or get you through one of those tough times that we all go through in our lives. Then, you can comfortably pay it off over time. Contact Atlas Credit today or apply right now for a personal loan by using our online application form!

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