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how to save money in college

Do you know you need money for school, but you have no idea how to save on school supplies and other costs? Whether it's your first year in college or you're on the verge of graduating, saving money wherever possible is always on your to-do list. 

College may cost more than ever now, but that doesn't mean you can't come out of university in the black. This is a time of challenges in anyone's life — but the financial challenges shouldn't be your main concern. 

Before you head back to school, take a look at how you can save money for your future. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to focus on what's most important: your education.

Keep Track of Monthly Spending

We've said it before, and we'll say it again here at the Atlas Credit blog: Nothing helps with your finances quite like a well-structured monthly budget.

As a college student, you may think of your finances as broken up semester by semester. Instead, teach yourself a great habit to keep — evaluating your income and spending in month-to-month blocks.

While paying for rent, supplies, gasoline, textbooks, and tuition, write down the total number you spend every month. If you pay for college through student loans, grants, or a part-time job, make sure you know exactly what you have available to spend.

Find a Roommate ASAP

Many students choose to live as close to their college campus as possible. That means they'll end up living in apartments or dorms within close walking or driving distance. Places so close to your school are undeniably convenient — but they're also seriously expensive.

That's why you'll be far better off at the end of each semester if you have a roommate (or several) helping you pay the monthly rent. Sure, sharing space even with a close friend can get frustrating from time to time, but the savings, in the long run, will prove to be well worth it.

Avoid Accumulating Credit Card Debt

When in college, too many students feel the pressures of constant studying and homework and prefer to take on one or more credit cards instead of working longer hours at a job.

Even if you're reasonably able to pay the minimum monthly payment on your credit card, building up even more debt during college is never wise. Student loans are a serious issue for a whole generation of people leaving college and trying to start their lives, so try to avoid adding a heap of credit card debt on top of it.

Take Advantage of Back-To-School Sales

The less money you spend, the more you can save. Getting school supplies for less is one way to help pay for school — and potentially put some money away for later as well.

Shopping online is easy because you can get the supplies you need with the click of your mouse. But you can often find better prices and back-to-school discounts when you wait to make a purchase during back-to-school sales at brick-and-mortar stores. Everything you need will drop in price. You can find great deals on notebooks, pencils, and erasers, but you can also save on more significant purchases, such as laptops and dorm gear. 

Combine Sales With Coupons and Reward Programs

Many office supply and big-box stores have coupons or reward programs that give you discounts or money back when you spend a certain amount. Combine these to get the best prices on everything you need to return to school. Stores may have apps, too, that offer flash discounts when you walk into the store. 

Buy Used Textbooks

If you're still wondering how to save money for school, another great way to free up your finances is to limit how much you spend on books. Books and resources are one of the biggest expenses for college students. You may have multiple books for each class. 

Instead of purchasing all your books new, buy used ones. They often work just as well as new books. Then, at the end of the semester, don't forget to sell your books back to the bookstore, too. 

Make Sure You Have a Lifeline

College is a trial by fire for millions of young adults in Texas and Oklahoma. Keeping yourself afloat financially may be the last of your worries if you're trying to succeed in getting an education to better yourself for the future. 

However, you need to know you have a way out of any financial situation you find yourself in. Many college students build up a small emergency fund to get them out of jams.

Others take advantage of quick and easy personal loans from a lender like Atlas Credit. If you're a college student in Texas or Oklahoma, consider the many benefits of applying for an online personal loan. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, Atlas Credit can get you a cool $100 to $1,400 for your bank account to help you afford anything college throws your way.

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