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A side hustle is the missing puzzle piece to financial success

Maybe you already work 40 hours a week at your job and feel like you make plenty of money to support yourself and your family, but are you maximizing your potential earnings?

In 2018, millions of Americans are finding exciting ways to make money on the side beyond their regular routine.

Many people are able to actually double their monthly earnings thanks to a side hustle. If you worked hard enough at it, it could even become your next full-time job!

But sometimes, juggling the side hustle as well as your regular job can be... a lot of work!

Make sure that no matter what happens, you always maintain your most consistent source of income to the best of your abilities. That means let your full-time job occupy your mind while you're there, and work it like it's the only job you have until you leave.

Also, never let your side hustle weigh you down financially. The point of a second source of income is that it should be a boon to your cash flow, not another money sink. Even if investing a bit in the side hustle has the potential to create more profit down the road, carefully consider your choices before ever committing, or else you could find yourself in a serious bind. In fact, the only time you should ever spend money on your side hustle is for immediate return on investment (or ROI for those in the know). In you aren't going to make better money instantly as a result of your expenditure, it's not worth it -- yet.

Ideas for a Solid Side Hustle

Don't have a way of making money on the side yet? If you're tired of your main job being your only source of income, here are some gigs on the side you could try:

  • Taking pictures of weddings and other special events.
  • Offering music lessons if you've mastered one or more instruments.
  • Offering small business accounting services if you have a background in finance or accounting.
  • Coach a little league team in your area.
  • Post ads on your social media profiles offering a babysitting service.
  • Offer makeup and hairstyling if you're particularly skilled at either.
  • Cook good food and sell it online.
  • Offer repairs for homes, automobiles, computers -- if you're a capable craftsman or technician, there's always someone who needs something fixed.
  • If you're a supremely capable writer, try to find local businesses that are in need of talented writers and take on freelancing work.
  • Drive for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft if you live in an area that needs drivers.

If you think you could take on any one of these extra challenges, give them a shot. You never know if it might transform your finances -- and your life -- for the better.

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