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Every year, millions of Americans go through the unfortunate experience of identity theft. With more businesses taking their services online, avoiding adding your personal and credit details to the internet becomes increasingly difficult. Credit monitoring and protection services have become necessary to protect yourself from online attacks.

If you are worried about becoming a victim of identity theft, Atlas Protect is here to help. We offer credit protection that minimizes the risk of your personal and credit card information falling into the wrong hands. Get access to affordable protection that gives you peace of mind. 

What Is Atlas Protect?

Atlas Protect is an identity theft protection and credit monitoring service. As an Atlas Protect member, you have access to various services that monitor, track and alert you of any financial activity using your accounts or personal information. These services include:

  • Experian® 1-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Experian 1B VantageScore® with VantageScore1 Tracker (Updated Monthly)
  • Credit Limit, Utilization, and Balance (CLUB) Alerts
  • Positive Activity Alerts
  • Dormant Account Alerts

Atlas Protect monitors your credit score, financial details, and active and dormant accounts to prevent severe damage. If it notices any suspicious activity, it alerts you so you can take action to stop credit and identity theft early.

Your credit score helps lenders decide whether you can open accounts or take out loans. A good credit score indicates that you can settle debt, whereas bad credit can indicate that you have had difficulty paying bills or loans. If criminals find out you have a good credit score, they can use it to their advantage. With enough of your personal details, they can open new loans or make purchases using your account.

Atlas Protect alerts you when new debt is made in your name so you can verify genuine transactions and reverse fraudulent ones. It also tracks your credit specifically, keeping a record of your daily activities so you are aware of any events that can impact your score.

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Everyone needs Atlas Protect. Unlawful purchases made using someone else's credit can happen to anyone. If you have already experienced identity theft and fraudulent purchases made with your credit, Atlas Protect can help you keep it from happening again. If you have not experienced it, preventive measures can help your credit stay free from fraudulent activity.

Many free credit monitoring services are available online, but free services come with many limitations. Additionally, you want to ensure the website you use is credible. Cheap credit protection may have inadequate safeguards and could expose you to more risk than doing nothing.

As a paid service, Atlas Protect gives members access to reliable services such as Experian® 1-Bureau Credit Monitoring that track your financial and personal details and activity. Our credit monitoring services protect your accounts and send real-time alerts to minimize your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Consumers who shop online have a greater risk of identity theft, but anyone with good credit is a target. Children can also be identity theft victims. Cybercriminals and fraudsters can use children's personal details to get loans, open bank accounts, and sign up for utilities. If left undetected, criminals can create a bad credit history for your child, which can prevent them from making large purchases, getting a student loan, or applying for government benefits. Take caution when providing your child's personal details to any business or school.

Atlas Protect is a reliable way to monitor your accounts and personal information. The sooner you catch purchases made without your permission or unauthorized loan applications, the faster you can secure your credit.

Why Atlas Protect?

In addition to protecting your credit and limiting identity theft, Atlast Protect provides various benefits to help keep your credit safe from cybercriminals and online fraudsters.

  • Monitors your accounts: Atlas Protect's monitoring system watches for issues or suspicious activity and alerts you the moment it detects anything. Instant alerts give you a better chance of fixing the problems and clearing your name.
  • Monitors your spending: Atlas Protect detects if large amounts of money are taken from your bank account.
  • Monitors your credit score and history: Our services alert you concerning any changes in your credit score.
  • Updates your credit report: Updated credit reports give you access to your accounts' most recent financial activities.
  • Sends real-time alerts: You will know in real time if any suspicious activity has occurred right after it happens.
  • Update any misinformation: If cybercriminals or fraudsters change any of your personal details, Atlas Protect can help you correct your information.
  • Monitors your SSN for fraud activities: Get alerts updating you on any suspicious financial activity that uses your Social Security number (SSN) to open accounts or apply for loans.

One of the key benefits of Atlas Protect's credit monitoring service is to aid in identity fraud prevention. When a criminal uses your personal details to take out loans or create bank accounts, there is a good chance it will happen again. The illegal use of your stolen identity and credit can go on for weeks, making it difficult to catch the offenders. It can also take up to six months to resolve every issue if you become a victim of identity theft.

Real-time alerts from Atlas Protect's credit monitoring service can prevent undetected fraudulent activity. With timely notifications, you can stop a suspicious payment, reverse illegal charges, and freeze your credit. Our services help lessen the damage you face, allow you to solve issues more quickly, and give you the high-quality credit protection you need.

Sign up for Atlas Protect Today

Get high-quality credit protection and monitoring services from Atlas Protect. Take the first step in protecting your personal details and minimizing the risk of fraudulent financial activity. With alerts and credit monitoring, you stay up-to-date on your credit report history and maintain a healthy credit score. Make identity theft prevention a top priority today.

To sign up with us, create an Atlas Protect account by completing an online enrollment form. If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we will answer all your queries and provide excellent customer service.

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