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Megaphone man demands you to stop wasting your money when you don't have to

What NOT to Do When Saving Money

If you're under a money crunch or giving careful budgeting a try, you probably have a rough idea of the guidelines you should follow for what you should do. If you aren't completely sure, simply check out some of the recent articles posted on the Atlas Credit blog!

But today, we're going to talk about the things you absolutely must avoid to save money successfully!

How to Save Better

Are you having trouble putting money away? Some or all of the following likely apply to you. If you're able to eliminate these actions and habits, you'll be amazed at how much money you'll free up for savings.

Don't Make Impulse Buys

Everyone has those moments where they weigh their wallets and realize that they could afford something they really want, if they only were to buy it right now.

"Forget about the consequences -- you can afford it!" your brain says.

It's time to take control. Make yourself stop, by any means necessary. Convince yourself that you'll go home and sleep on it. When you do, you'll have that much more money from not spending, and a better perspective on that purchase.

Don't Waste Energy

When you're saving money, you can find more than ever if you get a little stricter with yourself and your family about your energy usage.

Take a moment and look around your home. How many lights are on? How many appliances are plugged in but not being used?

Anything plugged in or turned on that's using electricity is costing you money you don't need to spend. Turn them off, unplug them, and count the savings at the end of the month.

Don't Rack Up Credit Card Debt

One of the biggest temptations for anyone who doesn't quite have the money in the bank to afford bills, food, or new toys is to put them on a credit card and look the other way.

Sure, you have plenty of time to pay it off month to month on the minimum payment. But once credit card debt starts piling up, it can be mighty difficult to pay off. Especially when you have multiple cards with ever-growing balances.

Credit card debt is one of the most stressful aspects of any American's financial burdens, so do your best to avoid adding to it at all costs when trying to save money.

Don't Pay Bills Late

Late payments mean late fees and worse credit. Even if it means cutting your spending from other areas of your budget, do everything in your power to pay off your bills on time.

If forgetting to pay bills on time is a problem, creating a schedule can help. Make a list of all your bills and their due dates and place it in a visible location. Another option is to use automated payments where a preset amount is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each month.

Don't Pay for Things You Can Do Yourself

Do you currently use services such as drop-off laundry, car washes, lawn care or housekeeping? 

Consider doing these things yourself instead of paying others to do them for you. It will require a little more time and effort on your part, but you'll have a lot more money available to add to your savings. 

Don't Save Small and Buy Big

So, you've been doing a good job of eliminating those small, unnecessary purchases that have been "nickel and diming" you to death. That doesn't mean you should run out and make a major purchase. 

Remember — the reason you've been striving to cut expenses is to build up your savings. If you buy that new appliance, expensive smartphone or automobile, you'll undo all that hard work and sacrifice and end up right back where you were before.

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