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Nobody likes moving day. But it's not just because of how stressful it can be (both mentally and physically, in most cases). It's because of how expensive it can be.

So don't get overwhelmed during your move. Check out these simple tips to help your moving day go as smoothly and cheaply as possible!

Consider Movers

First of all, don't automatically assume that if you hire a moving company, you'll burn right through your moving budget. A lot of people actually end up spending more money renting their own U-Haul than they would if they'd just looked into an affordable moving service.

Try to get a few quotes from different moving companies in your area. And just because they have set rates doesn't mean you can't try and haggle. Depending on what time of year you're moving in, some companies may be willing to lower their rates by as much as 30 percent, so always do your research.

Where to Save

Do. Not. Spend. Money. On. Boxes.


When you move, it's obvious you'll need a big supply of sturdy boxes. But that doesn't mean you need to go to a moving company and pay a ridiculous price for a stack of them. Instead, ask around first. Many people have boxes in their garage, closets, or storage that aren't being used.

Or, see if there are any places online like Craigslist where people are offering boxes for free. You can also go to your local grocery store, liquor store, gas station, or even big box department store and ask if they have any boxes in their shipping and receiving rooms they aren't using. Many times, they'll have so many that they can't wait to give them away for free.

Here's another tip we have for how to move cheaply on a budget — don't pay for packing materials, either. Between old newspapers, magazines and plastic bags from the grocery store, your home probably has all the packing materials you need. Use these to wrap up fragile items instead of paying for packaging peanuts. Some people even use their socks or other clothing to cushion dishes, vases and other breakables.

Game Your Utilities

When you move, don't wait until you've already left your home or apartment to have the utility company shut off your services. For gas, cable, Internet, phone, and maybe even water, you can have these shut off several days in advance of your move, or even the morning of. By doing this, your utility companies can't get away with charging you for an extra month, or for extra services you weren't even there to use.

However, you should probably be careful when it comes to electricity. You never want to find yourself moving in the dark, so time this as perfectly to the moment you're finished packing as possible.

Clean out Your Stuff

One of our favorite tips for moving on a budget will benefit you long after moving day. Before you start packing, get rid of everything you don't need. The less stuff you have to move, the less expensive your move will be. If you hire movers, they will have fewer pieces to move. If you need boxes, you will need fewer of them. It will also take less time to move everything. 

You may need to throw some things away, but you can fill several boxes with items to donate to a local charity if they are in good condition. Moving on a budget also can save you money on your taxes because you may be able to deduct charitable donations. Ask for a tax receipt when you make your donation. 

If your extra things are in excellent condition, you could even make money off of them. Consider having a yard sale or selling your stuff through an online marketplace. You could make enough to pay for the moving truck. 

Move During the Offseason

Most people move between April and September. The weather generally stays nice at this time, and school is less of a factor for children. One of the more inexpensive ways to move is to schedule your relocation outside this period. 

You will encounter less competition, and thus lower prices, for truck rentals and booking your movers. In fact, many places offer offseason discounts to encourage people to move when the business is less busy. Ask about any deals when you call to book your services. 

Write off Your Move If You Can

This is one of those budget moving tips that won't pay off right away, but you will enjoy the benefits later. If you move for employment-related reasons, you can often write off some or all of the expenses on your taxes. 

You also may want to ask your employer about possible reimbursement if you are moving for work. Not every company covers moving expenses, but some do. You'll never know unless you try. Have a figure in mind when you make your request in case your boss asks. 

Where to Spend

If you have valuable items in your home, whether because they're pricey or priceless, you should never skimp on keeping them safe during your move. This means tape, cushions, or whatever else is necessary to make sure they aren't broken.

Also, if you know you have so much stuff that you'll be packing for days on end, enlist the help of your friends or family. While you might not have to pay them in cash, they may expect you to at least keep them fed and happy, and that might cost you a little money.

Make sure to measure your furniture before you move it into the new place. You may discover it doesn't fit the space, or you can't get it up the stairs because of the dimensions. If this is the case, you will need to budget for buying new furniture. You can shop around to find reasonable prices, or you can look into other financing options. 

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