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how to save money in the summer

How to Save Money in the Summer

Summertime should be a season of outdoor fun in the sun. The warm weather and extra daylight make summer the perfect time for family vacations, road trips to interesting and exciting destinations, ballgames, concerts and excursions to the beach.

But what if you don't have the savings set aside to afford some free time? Sounds like a sorely missed opportunity. That means you need to start your summer savings now.

Let's take a look at some easy money-saving strategies that allow you to enjoy a summer of both fun and savings!

1. Use Affordable Child Care

Instead of paying for costly babysitters and daycare centers all summer, put some thought into your children's summer days.

Take a look at low-cost summer camps and community programs from schools, churches, and other youth organizations. Even if they're only involved for a week or two, it could save you some serious money.

Also, if you feel one of your children is ready and mature enough to babysit the younger kids while you're away, you're in luck. For parents with older kids, child care is practically free!

2. Unplug Unused Appliances

If you are looking for energy-saving tips for summer, a big one is to reduce the amount of electricity you use. This should go without saying. It doesn't matter how much money you make every year -- if you have a houseful of appliances plugged in and turned on that aren't being used, there's only one thing to do:

Unplug, unplug, unplug. Whenever you finally do need to use an appliance, the extra three seconds it takes to plug it back in won't hurt anybody. Just don't shock yourself!

3. Start a Garden

Instead of going out to the grocery store several times a week to stock up on the healthy fruits and vegetables that you should be eating every day, try gardening instead.

Not only are the foods you grow much, much cheaper when they come from your garden -- many people say they actually taste better. Maybe it has something to do with the fertile soil in Virginia and Texas!

Plus, the activity of gardening itself can be calming and rewarding. Try it for yourself in your backyard!

4. Cook at Home and Outside

Every time you go out to eat, you'll spend money not only on the overpriced food but also on a tip for the wait staff at the end of each meal. That money adds up way more than you might think, especially over the course of a whole summer. So, spend as much time as possible cooking at home.

The more you cook at home, the less money you'll spend. Plus, if you cook outside on the grill or the fire, you'll avoid heating up your house and spending more on air conditioning. 

Everyone loves a summer barbecue! You can even ask your friends to pitch in when you hang out by making it a potluck. Everyone can leave with a full plate for leftovers, too.

5. Practice Smart Maintenance

Want to know how to save on your energy bill? Having appliances and equipment that work efficiently takes up much less energy than those that are outdated and missing parts. Performing regular maintenance on your equipment and appliances will save you money on your electricity bill because the devices then take less energy to run. 

Replace filters in your AC regularly. Clean out debris and dirt that gather in and around AC units. If you want even better ways to beat the heat and save money this summer, invest in Energy Star appliances that use much less energy than their counterparts. 

6. Avoid Running Appliances During Peak Hours

Many utility companies charge higher rates during peak hours, when everyone runs their washers, dryers and dishwashers. Find out what your utilities' peak hours are, and avoid using energy during these times. For example, running the dishwasher during the day can cost less than turning it on at night. 

7. Adjust Your Thermostat

Yes, Texas and Oklahoma summers are boiling hot, but do you need your home to be an icebox? Turning up your thermostat just a few degrees can save you money on your monthly electric bill, plus you consume less energy, which is good for the environment. Experiment with the right temperature to find a cool but not cold point. 

8. Open Your Windows at Night

No list of summer energy-saving tips would be complete without air conditioning tips to save energy. Your AC is one of your most significant summer expenses. This might come as a shock to some, but you shouldn't run your air conditioner 24/7. At night when everyone's asleep and your home is at a reasonable temperature, shut your system down.

Once it gets a little stuffy, open up your windows and let the nighttime breeze cool you down. Come morning, close the windows, pull down the blinds, and crank that AC back up.

The money you'll save from not blasting your air conditioner all summer long will save you some serious cash on your electricity bill. When you know how to save money on AC, you will find implementing other savings options is a real breeze, too. 

9. Use Alternative Entertainment

You can save a lot more money than you may realize on entertainment costs. First, consider canceling your cable service. These days, a cable TV bill can easily exceed $100 a month. Plus, some streaming services, such as Peacock and Hulu, offer live TV. You'll still be able to enjoy most of your favorite shows (and probably find some new ones you like even more), and you'll save a lot of money in the process. 

If you're a reader, stop paying $20 per book at the bookstore or on Amazon. Instead, head to the library! You can find everything you want to read for free, instead of buying a book you'll likely only read once. This saves money and also helps the environment.

Additionally, if you typically find yourself spending money on vacations, consider a staycation instead of traveling. By doing a little research and talking to your friends and neighbors, you'll likely get some great ideas for fun things to do in your city or town. And you won't have to worry about paying for hotels, gas or airfare. 

10. Start Walking

Keep your car in the driveway and start walking more. Now that it's warm, it's a good time to walk or bike instead of drive when making short trips. You'll save money on gas and vehicle maintenance — and the exercise will be good for your health! Plus, if you find yourself enjoying the outdoor commute, consider selling that extra car you don't really need. You'll eliminate those vehicle-related expenses and get a nice chunk of change to add to your summer fund.

11. Thrift for Things

Do your clothes and household items shopping at thrift stores. Many people fail to realize just how diverse the selection at many thrift stores can be, which means they miss out on great deals, too. The money saved by not buying at full price can be put directly into your summer savings account. Plus, you can refresh your wardrobe or home by selling the items that you don't wear or use and swap them for your thrifted goods.

12. Get a Personal Loan

There's one more thing to keep in mind: If you need money fast, you can always count on a personal loan from Atlas Credit. We can get your summer going with an immediate loan from $100 to $1,500 with a 5 to 12-month repayment plan. 

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Putting money away isn't easy, especially with the need to pay bills and manage those unexpected expenses that always seem to pop up. It takes discipline and a little planning to make sure you have enough cash set aside to enjoy the fun things in life. Using your imagination can also help you come up with some creative ideas for adding to your summer funds. With these summer saving tips, there's a great chance you'll have all you need to get away and spend some quality time with your family and friends. And if you need that extra boost, stop by or call the Atlas Credit branch near you or contact us online today to get your loan application started today.

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