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Sparklers at a Fourth of July Independence Day celebration on a budget

As Texans and Oklahomans, we definitely know how to enjoy the Fourth of July every year. But sometimes, having a proper celebration can cost you far more money than you expected, leaving your monthly budget in shambles.

So this year, let's try something a little different. Here are some simple tips for celebrating our nation's Independence Day on a budget!

1. Make It DIY

Sometimes it's easier on Independence Day to simply find somewhere that's holding their own fireworks show. But often, these shows have to sell tickets for admission so they can pay their fireworks bills — and those costs can seriously add up if you're having to pay for each person you bring along.

Instead, try holding your very own July Fourth party. You'll be able to really let loose and have a great time celebrating the holiday in your own backyard. You can even get your own favorite fireworks to make the day uniquely memorable for you and your guests.

2. Stick to Traditions

July Fourth celebrations are inherently traditional. The day itself is about remembering where we've come from as a nation and paying our respects to the people who have fought for our freedoms.

So in honoring Independence Day, sticking to traditions is not only the most fun and fitting means of celebrating the holiday but also the cheapest. Instead of going all out and trying new and expensive ideas, hold to what's tried and true this Fourth of July.

3. Go Cheap on Decorations

Instead of busting your July Fourth budget on streamers, banners, dozens of expensive (but lovely) flags, and anything else you can find in red, white, and blue, take a smarter approach to decorations.

Make your decorations actually useful! If you have large tables for everyone to eat on, you can find flag-print plastic tablecloths for under $5 at most dollar stores or home supply outlets. Buy red, white, and blue bandanas in bulk and fold them together to make your own flag designs. And make sure all your paper plates, napkins, and even silverware are on-theme for the 4th.

With these touches, you'll be positively surrounded by the appropriate colors for a proper Fourth of July bash and save yourself some cash.

4. Plan Way Ahead for the Coming Year

After this year's bash is over, you can already start saving money on next year's Independence Day celebration. Visit dollar and grocery stores on July 5th, and stock up on all the half-price or even further reduced July 4th merchandise. Pack away your low-priced tablecloths, cups, napkins, and more until next year, and you won't have to spend a cent to get ready. Just make sure you remember where you stow the gear. A year is a long time!

5. Get Your Family and Friends to Pitch In

It's a fact — everyone loves fireworks, barbecue, and tasty beverages on Independence Day. But those costs can seriously add up if you're having to foot the bill yourself for a large gathering.

Instead, send out requests for your partygoers to bring their own supplies with your event invitations. Whether it's rolls of firecrackers or a whole rack of ribs, having everyone contribute to the event as a potluck will mean there's plenty to go around and save you lots of money on the Fourth of July.

You can also plan your menu based on what's on sale that week at the grocery store. For instance, don't serve hot dogs if the store has hamburgers and buns on sale. Adjust your side dishes to reflect the least expensive items as well. No one will care if you serve the baked beans you bought two for one instead of making a more expensive pasta salad. 

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