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As a taxpayer, you might feel a little overwhelmed sometimes when tax season comes up.

No one wants to pay any more than they have to, so you always want to be sure you handle everything just right.

But don't worry — it won't be as hard as you expect, especially if you keep these great tax season tips in mind!

When Does Tax Season Start and End?

First, before we dive into preparing for tax season, you may want to know when tax season is. Tax preparers consider January 1 through April 15 tax season. Employers begin readying your tax information from the previous year in early January, and they must have all documentation sent to you by the end of that month.

By early February, you should have everything you need to file your taxes. You have until April 15 to send them off. Some people prefer getting their taxes done as soon as possible, so they know what they owe and can get a head start on paying. Others delay doing their taxes until the last minute. As long as you file by the deadline, you will be fine.

Make Sure Your Documents Are in Order

Many people work just one job and receive one W2. This means preparing for the tax season is pretty straightforward. But other people may work a gig job and could receive multiple 1099s for their labor. Others may have a side hustle based on cash that requires a lot of documentation. And if you inherited money or sold a home during the tax year, you will need the proper documentation to prepare.

Go through your papers before you begin to ensure you have everything you need. Do this well in advance of the April 15 filing deadline. There's nothing more stressful than realizing on April 14 that you're missing a critical document.

Consider All Your Possible Deductions

The U.S. tax code is complicated, but it also allows you to deduct things that may significantly lower your tax bill. Consider these potential deductions — and make sure you have the right documentation to back them up:

  • Home office: If you work at home, you can deduct part of your utilities and other home expenses
  • Mortgage interest: You can deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage
  • Charitable donations: If you have given a certain amount to charity, you qualify for deductions

Always Claim Anyone You've Been Supporting

If you've had a friend, significant other, or additional family member staying in your home for a while, you may be able to receive a dependent exemption of $4,000!

You'll have to make sure you fall under the specific rules for the exemption:

  • A non-relative must have lived with you for an entire year (relatives don't have to live with you to count as dependents)
  • A non-relative can't provide more than half of their own support
  • A non-relative can't earn more than $4,000 in taxable income

If this applies to you, get paid for your hospitality!

Keep Refundable Tax Credits in Mind

The Earned Income Tax Credit is one of the most overlooked tax credits out there. It's worth up to $6,242 for a family with three or more children, yet one out of five taxpayers fail to claim it.


Because they may not realize they're qualified after changes in their income, or because they choose not to file their taxes if they make below the income filing threshold.

So, when you file your taxes, find out if you qualify — it just might improve your year!

Declutter Your Life

Make the most of tax season by using it to improve your home. Look around: do you see anything in your home or life you don't need or want any longer?

Odds are there's a charitable organization nearby that would be more than happy to accept items like clothing, books, furniture, electronics, and more.

If you declutter in this way, you can deduct it from your taxes! As long as the value of the items is more than $500, you can file a Form 8283 and receive your deduction.

And on top of your deduction, you can breathe easier without all that unnecessary clutter!

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Tax stress can be draining, even for expert tax minimizers. If you finish filing your taxes this season and feel like you could use a little more cash, you can always consider a personal loan to gain immediate security.

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Because remember: you should never be scared of tax season!

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