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The year's just begun, and you're already looking for solutions for financial success in the coming year.

That's a great start!

To learn a few more ways you can conquer your bank account and wallet in 2021, read on.

Plan It Out

Careful planning is always the first, best step you can take when seeking to achieve something. And if that something is financial success, the sooner you start, the better.

Sit down in your Austin, Texas home, pull out your calculator (or smartphone, who are we kidding), and figure out the numbers. Sure it may seem tedious, but it's definitely worthwhile.

By getting very specific with the goals you'd like to achieve and seeing how exactly you can achieve them through proper planning, you should reach the end of 2021 on a high note.

Use Technology to Automate Savings

While you've got your smartphone out, check out some of the many programs and technological tools available on your mobile app store for savings and spending plans.

By simply searching for keywords like "budget" "finance" or "wallet," you'll come across a whole bevy of smartphone apps (or desktop apps, if you'd prefer) that will help you automate your financial planning. If you have an app reminding you to save each week, you'll increase your chances of building up a healthy savings account throughout 2021.

Rethink Insurance

As an adult in the United States with a job and a place to live, you very likely have involvement with one or more insurance companies. Maybe you owe money to insurance companies all over Austin, Texas for various reasons -- your car, home, etc.

This year, closely examine what you owe to these companies to see if you're overpaying. There's a great chance there could be another insurance provider in Austin who might offer a cheaper rate for the same coverage. Even if you've tried this in previous years, check again. You never know what savings you might find.

Share Your Goals

If the only person who knows about your goals -- whether short term or long term -- is you, then you may find it a whole lot easier to give up on pursuing them. That means you need to share your goals with a friend or family member who can help you discuss and make sense of your financial objectives.

By making your financial success in 2021 a collaborative effort, the process will be easier and the motivation greater. Good luck!

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