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Do Your Adult Children Need Money? Here's How You Can Help!

As a parent, you never want to see your children struggle with money problems. That is why you may sometimes feel comfortable giving or loaning them money to help them... More

Losing Your Job? Here Are Tips So You Can Come Out on Top!

"I lost my job and I need money. Now what?"If you've ever uttered these words, then welcome to the club. In today's economy, keeping your job for the foreseeable future is... More

Prepare to Enjoy Your Retirement with Healthy Finances

Whether you are nearing 65 or you just started your first job, it is always the right time to think about retirement. We've compiled tips for how to enjoy your retirement... More

Just Married? Here Are 7 Money Tips for Newlyweds!

If you just got married, the last thing you want to think about is financial stress.However, married couples do need to start planning for their futures as quickly as possible.That's... More

Do You Need Cash? Here's What to Do | Atlas Credit Co

How can I get money right now? It's a question many people ask each day. Whether you faithfully stick to a carefully crafted budget each month or barely manage to... More

Why Young People Should Own a Home and Stop Renting

Why do millennials rent homes rather than buy them? Buying a house at a young age is a great idea, but there are reasons why millennial home ownership is low.Millennials... More

Are You an Impulse Spender? Here Are 7 Ways You Can Control Your Spending!

Are You an Impulse Spender? Here Are 7 Ways You Can Control Your Spending!If you're an impulse spender, you've probably run into trouble at the end of more than a... More

Saving Money on Your Independence Day Celebration! | 5 Tips

As Texans and Oklahomans, we definitely know how to enjoy the Fourth of July every year. But sometimes, having a proper celebration can cost you far more money than you expected,... More

Spent too much? How to Recover Fast from Breaking The Budget

We hear from people all the time saying, "I went over my budget. Now what?" If you keep a regular budget, you've probably had months where you came close to going over... More

Need Cash to Buy Dad a Great Gift? Get a Father's Day Loan!

Father's Day is the third Sunday of June — do you have a gift ready for your dad?Each year, Father's Day rolls around as a time to celebrate your dear old dad.... More

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