The Most Expensive Car Repairs and How to Finance Them

The Most Expensive Car Repairs and How to Finance ThemPurchasing a car is a decision that impacts years of your future, even beyond the payment period. After you've finished paying... More

How to Make Your Budget Work if You Want A Second Child

Once you get accustomed to being a new parent, you may find yourself picturing life with another adorable addition to your family. If you're planning to have your second child,... More

How to Save for Retirement

Saving for retirement can seem like an overwhelming financial goal, especially when your budget already feels tight. That's why we've developed these tips about how and when to start saving... More

Tips on How to Budget for Medical Expenses

Help Build Your Health Care Savings With Atlas Credit Co. Are you trying to figure out how to save for medical expenses? Let us help you with a quick and simple personal... More

Budgeting for Maternity Leave

While babies can be a blessing, they're also a pretty expensive one. In the United States, the average cost of giving birth is $10,800 — and it's much pricier for individuals without... More

How to Financially Handle a Pay Cut or Layoff

No one wants to discover that after dedicating years of hard work to their employers, they're suddenly being demoted or even put out of a job. However, if you identify... More

A Complete Guide: How to Create a Budget From Scratch

Setting a budget is the first step in making your financial goals a reality. Whether you are interested in paying off personal debts or saving up for a fun new... More

What Is Responsible Lending?

Finding a reliable lender for a loan can be challenging, especially when you're unsure about being able to pay back the loans offered to you. That's why responsible lending laws... More

Plan For An Emergency | Start an Emergency Fund Today

When it comes to money, many of us have budgets in place and compulsively check our bank accounts to make sure we have what we need to cover our monthly expenses.But what... More

Easy Ways To Save Money Without Even Thinking About It | Atlas Credit Co

Saving money can seem like a challenging feat, especially when it feels like prices for everyday necessities are constantly on the rise. Despite the increasing cost of living, there are... More

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